Thank you for visiting the nation’s first exclusive online piano auction site where the best piano values are available with dealer services and auction prices. Unlike the well known E-Type auction sites which offer anything and everything for sale, we specialize in keyboard instruments and related accessories only and therefore can give you good piano information either generally or specifically about the piano you wish to bid on. Additionally, we can provide professional services such as delivery, tuning and maintenance at DEALER RATES, not retail.

Best of all, any auction winner has trade-up privileges the same as retail buyers. That means you can select your next piano at The Piano Warehouse and get back what you paid at pianoauctions.com on trade toward an upgrade!*

After extensive testing we are going “Live” with usedpianoauctions.com on a limited basis through the month of September. In order to get the best results from this market test, our best piano values will be put up first. New auctions items will appear almost daily, so check back often. By October 1st usedpianoauctions.com will offer a complete selection of the best pianos available anywhere – with starting minimum bids of $1!!!

Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems on the site and let us know how we can improve.

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BID OFTEN – and with confidence knowing that usedpianoauctions.com has evolved only after helping tens of thousands of piano buyers make the right decision in our traditional piano store format…now it’s your turn to get a great piano at an AUCTION PRICE – Good luck – Happy Bidding!

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Dennis James
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